Catalytic converter recommendations?


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Jul 30, 2023
I need a bank 2 right side cat. I'm seeing ones on ebay for $120. And elsewhere upwards of $700. My mechanic says the cheap ones don't last. Is there a happy medium?

There are also the universal ones for fairly cheap from magnaflow and walker. I assume those have to be welded in by a muffler shop?

What's the cheapest I can get away with and not have to replace next year?
There's a chance if you don't get some the same as the Factory ones you could get a down stream O2 CEL. I have high flow cats on and have to use O2 foolers to keep my CEL off.
Walker seems like the best choice. Excellent reviews, midrange cost wise, and best warranty. Ling time in business too. I don't need highflow. And the cheap Ebay and Amazon ones seem like they won't last long. Ebay warranty is only like 30 days. Walker is 5yrs and 50k for performance and breakage. Magnaflow may be similar warranty but twice the price.

Walker Exhaust Ultra EPA 53988 Direct Fit Catalytic Converter 2.75" Outlet (Inside) 2" Outlet (Outside)