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Nov 29, 2019
finger lakes of NY
My backup light work in Reverse. They also light in neutral. Some times in 4th gear, but a little pressure on the shifter can turn them off and on in 4th.

Any idea where I should look and what might cause the problem.

I have no idea when this started as I don't drive much at night.

Thank you

Edit: Probably not related, but I run led backup lights so I can actually see something when I am backing up. LED are much brighter and whiter than OEM.
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I took the jeep to a mechanic for spark plugs and oil changes and fix backup light problem.
They replaced the switch (way on top of the transmission) but the lights still on in neutral and forward gears.
They said the transmission would have to be opened to find the problem.

My solution is to tap a backup light wire with a switch. Does anyone know where the wire could be easily located for a switch. Hopefully a wire running through the center council.

If not an easy access to a wire, I think fuse M31 controls only the backup lights from what I read. If so my alternate plan would be to buy one of these and run wires through the firewall.


Thank you