1. S

    Throttle shuts down after about 75 feet. but get this!

    I put new driveshafts went to test ride it. hit the gas and the motor throttles out and comes back on for sec and then throttles out. So I was like what the F**K. I put it in reverse to back up and it does not happen in reverse. I tried it a couple of times. go forward throttles shuts down...
  2. J

    Michigan HIKEIT X9

    HIKEIT X9. Used for a year in my Jeep. Sold the Jeep and no longer need. Worked perfect before pulling.
  3. Evank25

    Throttle sticking and battery light coming on on 2007 JKU

    I drive a 2007 Jeep Wrangler Sahara unlimited 4x4 and it’s a 6 speed manual. While driving my battery light turned on and at the exact same time my throttle began to stick at exactly 2000 RPM’s. If above 2000 it would drop to 2k and then stay there until the car came to a complete stop. Once the...