1. N

    2017 JK Sport On 35" tires - Recommendations

    Hi everyone. I am a relatively new Jeep owner and first time poster. Also, I figure this conversation has already been had - however I cannot find a thread - so apologies for restarting. I have a 2017 JK 2Door (Big Bear edition) sitting on the sport base (so assume 3:21 gear ratios). I am...
  2. MKempf

    Regearing for 35" Tires

    Thanks in advance: I have a 2014 2-Door Wrangler Sport with a 3.6 and 6-Speed Manual Transmission and 3:73 Gears. I'm installing a 3.5" Suspension Lift and purchasing 35" Tires this is my daily driver so I use it on the Highway mostly with the occasional weekend off-road excursion. On weekend...
  3. TheRonster

    Overlander axles, re-gear and lockers costs?

    Hi guys, I have a few questions about axles, and I hope someone can help me out or clarify a few things for me. I have a JKU 14' Sahara with 3" Teraflex lift and a front runner roof rack(RTT coming soon) and 35" KO2 tires and factory gears. So sluggish af with all the drag haha not to forget...