1. T

    Brake pads

    I have a 2012 and a 2019 Unlimited Sport my wife drives, trying to locate rear pads for the 2019 but none of the regular part stores have them. Are the 2019 pads the same spec as the 2018 or 2017s.
  2. Billet2dr.jk

    Rear end components (NEED HELP)

    Hi everyone so I was driving a noticed that I would get a clunk from my rear end if I accelerated from a stop. I opened up my diff and found my spider gears chipped. Since I have a 2015 Willys I had the LSD rear end, i cant find the rebuild kit any where, every website i ordered it i end up...
  3. J

    Clunking/knocking sound from rear

    The past several times I've been light wheeling I've been hearing a clunk or knock sound from what sounds like the passenger rear quarter. It almost sounds like I'm bottoming out or hitting bumpstop but the sound happens on very minor stuff, just driving down the trail. But I haven't noticed the...