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  1. A

    2015 Jeep Wrangler Overheating Issue

    First time posting to this forum but I'm at my wits end trying to diagnose an overheating issue. I've got a 3.6 JK Altitude Wrangler with 77k miles that's barfing coolant out of the radiator overflow tank. So far I've changed the coolant temperature sensor (I was getting a code, it's gone...
  2. N

    Colorado 2014 JK 3.6 radiator (new in box) - $200

    Hello all. I'm a friend from the TJ forum. I have a brand new (box is still sealed), radiator left over from a repair I never made to my 2014 JKU. Keep me in mind if you find yourself in need...
  3. S

    Jeep Overheating

    EDITED TO ADD: after replacing the radiator cap, the engine light came on later that day while I was driving and the code it gave us was "Engine coolant not getting to operating temperature" My 2010 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara with 92k miles began overheating a little over a month ago...
  4. J

    2008 JK coolant reservoir bubbling

    ***2008 wranlger*** I had a couple times where after driving for about 25 minutes, sitting at a traffic light it would seem to boil over- as in the reservoir was bubbling rapidly even after i turned the vehicle off. I got stationed in japan for a while and now im back to NY where i had my jeep...
  5. JimNH

    Radiator petcock won't drain

    Trying to drain rad o 2008 JK. Turned the petcock and it won’t drain. Now I can’t even tell which way is closed. You’d expect closed to be with the lever horizontal but I think closed might be vertical? Do you have to turn and pull? How to fix if clogged? Thx.
  6. J

    Cold Radiator Cap After Driving

    Hi all. I apologize in advance if I am in the wrong area. I live in southeast Michigan. Our average temp right now is about 30° F. I have a 2014 2 door jeep JK with just under 70k. It was my wifes brand new, but we've got her a newer vehicle and I took the jeep. Anywho, I saw steam coming from...