jk headlights

  1. J

    Halos Headlights Wiring Question

    I just got some new halo headlights from axial, and I currently have my turn signal and DRLs spliced into the wires that were already there. My DRLs will be white, but as soon as I turn on my turn signal, the halo sticks to amber. If I run my amber turn signal to the wire that is currently there...
  2. LPick6

    Halo Turn Signal Going Fast

    I just put in new halo headlights.The turn signal(which is now in the headlight its self) is now going way faster than normal. How can I fix this? A new flasher? Solid state flasher?
  3. J. Dub

    Where can I find these headlights? (Flat bottom DRL)

    I went to xbrite website. I cannot find them.