fog lights

  1. Jermaine60

    Pod Lights Causing Parasitic Draw

    I had pod lights incorrectly installed about 3 weeks ago. Wired the ground’s to a few points in the engine bay and ran the red wires to the existing ones on my fog lights I wanted to just have them already wired to a already existing switch. they ran normal for a while but a few days ago my Jeep...
  2. 417Willyz

    KC Hilites Gravity LED G4 Fog Lights Amber

    Got my new KC Hilites fog lights in. I’m glad I went with amber instead of white. The pictures suck and I will post better ones soon. Pretty easy to install. You have to drop the sway bar. There’s not enough room to get old fog lights out.
  3. 417Willyz

    Does anyone have the KC Hilites Gravity LED G4 fog lights?

    I ordered a pair of these KC Hilites Gravity LED G4 Fog Lights in amber. Does anyone have these and if so are you happy with the color?