1. D

    Need advice top was off and got rained on, help please!!!

    I'm looking for any thoughts or advice for the following. I forgot to put my tops back on a few nights ago and it rained. Everything from the dash, seats, and floor was completely saturated. I have since dried as much of the floor and seats as possible with a shop vac and shampooer and ran the...
  2. ev4n13

    2015 Wrangler With a P0302 Code

    Hey Guys, So I have a 2015 Wrangler with 100 000km (No clue if plugs have been changed yet) throwing a Cylinder 2 misfire code. It went off then came back on shortly after. Runs like normal but the idle is very rough. Now I'm hoping this is not the dreaded head problem of the 2012s but if it is...
  3. Jkash

    Do I need to pull a fuse when removing doors on 2012 JK?

    Aloha! I just bought a 2012 JK. I removed the doors tonight. I unplugged the electrical connectors to get them off but I’m wondering if I need to do anything else? I remember having to pull the fuse to the doors in my old TJ. Do I just use the push button to turn them on an off while the doors...