1. Jcwit10

    Stiff shifting after clutch replacement

    I just replaced my clutch on my 2014 jku. The one I went with was a centerforce. The peddle doesn’t necessarily seem too soft. But when I shift into any gear while moving it just seems rough. Before I replaced the clutch it seemed smooth other than a little bit of slipping going into 3rd. Any...
  2. S

    Clunck noise when releasing clutch

    I searched the forum and couldn't find the same issue so I must ask. I have a 2016 Wrangler Unlimited 6 speeds. When upshifting, if you just release the clutch without giving gas (at speed of course), for instance, or you are not 100% perfect between gas and clutch pedal, you hear a clunck...
  3. B

    Flywheel bolt sizes?

    Getting ready to replace the rear main seal on my 14. Gunna replace the clutch and flywheel while I'm there. I'm wanting to get new presure plate to flywheel bolts and flywheel to crank bolts before I get it torn apart but I can not for the life of me find replacement bolts or even bolt size...
  4. J

    Clutch issue

    Just finished replacing the throw out bearing, clutch, and pressure plate and the clutch pedal goes to the floor. Replaced the slave cylinder, bled it, no help. New master cylinder ordered and on the way. Does it have to be bench bled? Any thoughts on what else may have happened?