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    EGR Valve

    If I lived up there in Skyrim I would replace it. Don’t think I could do those winters.
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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone

    Back at ya sir!
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    JKs, Sunriders, and Car Washes

    It’s not the top itself I worry about it’s the windows. Afraid they will get scratched. I just hand wash.
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    13 jk ABS and traction lights on

    Fwiw mine did not always throw one. You’re right though … when I had that problem it was the wheel speed sensor.
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    Custom Made Jeep JK Woody Doors

    Double slat caught my eye.
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    Ohio new member

    Welcome. I do like a nice 2 door.
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    Custom Made Jeep JK Woody Doors

    Checked out the site. If I hadn’t just purchased Bestop soft doors a couple months ago I would be tempted. Nice work on those. Going to have to build a bigger garage for Jeep stuff. Lol
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    Thoughts on This 2018 JKU Rubicon? Good or Bad Deal?

    Not a fan of that one.
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    What did you do to your JK today?

    Fun fact. The box for replacement blinds for my sliding door leading to the deck is the exact length of the cabin of my 2door Sahara . So…. Lesson is don’t use the Jeep to pick up long items. Lol. Made it work though.
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    Hello from Fredericksburg, VA

    That wife is a keeper. Welcome.
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    Mid Life Crisis? New Jeep Time, Baby!

    I had my midlife last summer. Wanted a 2 door wrangler for 20 years. Saw one for sale close by checked it out and bought it. The wife thinks I’ve joined a cult. Lol welcome!
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    What do you think?

    That is golden . Lol
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    P0128 Code

    Saw heater full blast and thought why? Then I remembered you are in CA and 50 is cold there. Lol. Glad you sorted it out.
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    What did you do to your JK today?

    She needs a hug too.