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    Buying a new Jeep soon, need some clarity

    Assuming it's an automatic transmission, neither 3.21 or 3.73 is going to work well with 35s. 3.21 will suck big time with 35s, and 3.73 won't be much better. 4.10 (which is an option on the Rubicon models) would be the best choice the factory offered. However, with 35s, the correct gear ratio...
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    Quick trip to the Ouachitas

    Please do! That would definitely be a wiser investment ;)
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    Good cruising RPM range for manual?

    1500-2000 RPM is not a good cruising range. You're lugging the engine at that point. A good cruising RPM range for the 3.6 would be 2400-3000 RPM (I myself would like it closer to 3000 RPM).
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    Quick trip to the Ouachitas

    Just be careful, you don't want to go down the rabbit hole like I did with my TJ and be into it for 60k. The nice thing about the JK and later models is that out of the box, they are extremely capable even in stock form.
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    Has anyone rhino lined their fenders?

    I personally prefer the look of non-painted flares. You could definitely achieve that look with rhino liner for sure.
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    Quick trip to the Ouachitas

    To be honest, I think it looks great the way it is, but 37s wouldn't kill it ;)
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    Manual (NSG370) third gear issues

    The NGS370 is not known for it's reliability or clean shifts, that's for sure. The bottom line is that you likely have a synchro going bad, and it's going to require rebuilding the transmission. However, you can buy yourself time by using Redline MT90 transmission fluid. That stuff is very well...
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    Looking for suggestions on quality stereo replacement

    You can replace the head unit and keep the factory speakers / subwoofer. What are you looking to spend? This is the one I would recommend over anything else: It has wireless Apple CarPlay, as well as a number of other cool features.
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    Hot oil warning

    You need to install a transmission cooler, period. You shouldn't be wheeling your JK without one. Heat is the number one killer of automatic transmissions, and from the factory they are simply not equipped to handle higher temperatures. A transmission cooler will improve the longevity of your...
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    Gas overflows when I fill up

    Pictures would help tremendously (y)
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    Quick trip to the Ouachitas

    Love the photos, that's one hell of a sharp looking JK!
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    Manual (NSG370) third gear issues

    How many miles are on it? What kind of gear oil are you using in it and when is the last time it was changed?
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    Has anyone rhino lined their fenders?

    Do you mean the fender flares? As in the black plastic part?
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    Mahindra Roxor

    Those have been in the USA for a while. What's funny is that apparently since FCA took them to court, it looks like the dropped the Wrangler look and now look like an older Toyota FJ :ROFLMAO:
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    New Member with 2 JKUs (both busted)

    Holy molly! That must have been one hell of a tree that fell on that thing, because it looks completely crushed. No way in hell that thing isn't totaled.