Michigan TransAmerica Trail - June 2022


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Sep 23, 2021
Metro Detroit
Trans American Trail 4x4 June? 2022

Very early stages of a planned trip of Sam C's Original TAT starting in WV and ending at the border of Wisc. Following the red TAT route on the map below. Will edit route to see more of America's Natural beauties. Grand Canyon, Badlands, Moab, that are close enough.
Screenshot 2021-09-05 102857.png

can meet anywhere along the trial
3 Weeks? Need to get a hold of Sam's maps/charts and gps tracks to determine the exact route we will take and how long we will need, along with sleeping accommodations. Of course you can join us or leave us at anytime.
5 days camping/2 days Motels Week (chance to take a hot shower, maybe laundry)

If anyone is interested in helping with planning the trip, please contact me anytime. Even if you know of a waypoint that would be worthwhile to add to our itinerary. Repost on any other forum or facebook (which I have never had an account with).

The wife and I will be leaving from the metro Detroit area in our 17 JKU Rubicon Recon

Contact: At this time just PM me please if you'd like to join, help in the planning of the logistics of the trip or any questions not answered here already

PS please move to the appropriate sub forum. It would be nice to get a wider audience w/o posting in all 48 states [maybe a sub-forum for upcoming rides etc. but what do I know being a newbie, hope I'm not just not finding such a sub-forum]


Dec 2, 2020
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This is cool. My bucket list is to do this on my adventure motorcycle, that's what the TAT was originally created for. There is another TAT mapping guy Kevin that has maps and some of the routes match.
It would be nice to do this with my wife following me in the Jeep but I think a motorcycle can cover more ground in the off road sections.
You can look up ride reports on https://advrider.com from many riders that have done it on MCs
You have to be concerned about leaving to early as the Passes in Colorado can still be closed due to snow


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Oct 20, 2019
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Some friends and I are going to be doing the Arkansas leg this spring. Super excited about it. Adding in some routes from a friend of ours (Ozark Overland Adventures on youtube) through the Ozarks that are tougher.