Shakey jeep


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Apr 2, 2024
I took my wrangler jku in for a clutch repair and got it back with a bad shake on idle. Shop said it had nothing to do with the clutch repair. They without my request ran dye through my radiator and cooling system (not sure if it was even my jeep) and stated I was on my way to a head gasket failure. And that it appeared that stop leak had been used when I have never used stop leak at all since I've owned the jeep. No codes and no check engine light. Tell me if this is likely a loose connection from when they did the clutch repair. I know for a fact the battery was disconnected.
Hey cat so there's 2 reasons I think this is happening .1st I think they forget to hook up a vacuum hose..2nd they may have installed the pressure plate incorrectly. As for the head gasket issue if your blowing constant white smoke thats one clue ..check your oil dipstick if the oil is looking like a milky white thats another clue showing antifreeze is mixing in with the oil
got it back with a bad shake on idle

Does this happen in when the transmission is in neutral and with it in gear? How about clutch engaged (pedal out) or disengaged (pedal in)?

Try all of these combinations and let us know... For clutch engaged and in gear just try to get as low of rpm as you can and take note if the vibration is present.

The results of these could help to narrow down the cause.
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