Run2jeepn's JKU Build

We have ran Ramsey, Warn and MileMarker winches. All have had issues.
Yeah I don't think any make is immune to issues these days... Even some of the OEM Warn applications have experienced issues.

Thanks for the describing your other considerations. I read a bit more about the X-Bull and didn't catch that it was a 2-speed at first. I can see that being a useful function. Look forward to hearing about your experience with it. I'm probably a year or so away from needing one so I'm just gathering info at this point...
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Have you had occasion to try out the new winch yet??
Not with the Full load of the Jeep, but I did use it to drag a big 1100cc SeaDoo from the ground onto a trailer. Worked like it should. That was with the Red Winch rope. Haven't had time to test out the new Freedom line yet.
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New Winch line from BleepinJeep