Why do I have an electrical connection for doors if I have manual windows?


New Member
May 1, 2020
Evansville, IN
I purchased my 2008 4 door with manual locks and windows about 5 months ago and since the weather is warming up I want to take the doors off for this weekend and noticed that there was what looks like an electrical connection even though I have manual doors and locks. Wanting to see if anybody else has this and if I could just cut them off and remove them?
I have that on my 08jku it effects the dome light and the way the radio stays on with the doors off. I have such a hard time with the connectors I am seriously tempted to just cut the wires next time I take the doors off.
I cut them off mine for easier door removal and have had no issues. Also makes it nicer if my doors don't shut all the way, batter won't die.