What did you do to your JK today?


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Oct 16, 2019
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Being a Tj owner, we have this thread for fun, let's get it started.

I could not find a similar tread but if there's one @Chris can delete this one.

I recently bought a '17 JKU with cold package, automatic trans unfortunately, it's a work in progress since my TJ is a 5 spd. Few upgrades, Jl bumper with winch.

More to come shortly.


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I added approximately 1500 bugs to my windshield driving back from our 5-day stay at Outer Banks this morning. We did take it on the beach yesterday at Currituck, but didn't see any of the wild horses. Of course, it was the middle of the afternoon, so the horses were probably enjoying a cold one somewhere.
So, after a thorough washing, undercarriage cleaning and interior clean after spending a week at the Outer Banks and driving on the beach, I decided to go anonymous.... sort of. Got a wild hair to remove the gold "Sahara" and black "Wrangler Unlimited" decals on the sides behind the front fenders.

Jeep 2.jpg

Jeep 3.jpg

I'll probably be customizing a new decal soon to replace the originals. If anyone can recommend a good custom decal supplier, would appreciate the tip!