Thinking of selling and looking for thoughts


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Jun 9, 2024
Hi everyone,

I own a 2012 MWF call of duty Jeep Wrangler Jku Rubicon. It’s got about 80000 miles on her. Normal wear and tear on the interior, she 1800 out of 3500 that were made. She in great shape, tires could be replaced, and my husband chipped the fiber glass by the back window. About 1 inch is damaged. That’s everything. 🙂

Im think of selling her because with a family of 5 we need a bigger vehicle. ☹️ But I’m not sure if should go to dealership or sell her privately??? If anyone has any suggestions I’d greatly appreciate it.
Thank you. Thats a great point. I’ve never thought of that, “Stealerships” 😆
The only potential benefit is if you find a vehicle you like at the same dealership. You may end up ok financially if they are on both sides of the deal. Still not as good as if you handled it privately, but not as bad as selling outright to a dealer and then buying somewhere else...

What many have done is get the trade-in quote and then use that as the floor when you list it privately for people that want to haggle, lowball, etc. I did that on one car and ended up trading it since I didn't get any realistic buyers and didn't want to hang on it it longterm, as there is a cost to that as well...
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Private sale will pretty much always be more than trade in value. But be reasonable. That 1800/3500 badge isn't going to matter.
Yep, mine is 0540/3500 and probably won't get me any more if I ever sell. If I do sell it won't be to a dealership
You guys may be surprised how much you can get for a well-cared for special edition or themed Jeep. Check out this 2006 Sport Golden Eagle that went for $14,600 at auction just a couple days ago. Nothing special about it except it's a Golden Eagle.
No upgrades, aftermarket adds, etc. Pretty much a bone-stock Jeep with 106k miles on it.

Go here to look at Jeeps up for auction and also view previous Jeep auctions and what they sold for: