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Post-inspection: Should I buy this second-hand Wrangler?


New Member
Feb 22, 2021
Hi all, I m new to this forum. Thanks for letting me to post here.

I am recently looking to buy a Wrangler, and I came across on JK 2014 Sahara 2-door version. I brought the car to the mechanic for a pre-sale check up. Here are the red flags that we found:

1. Signs of steaming of coolant, we noticed white-powder-like substance inside the coolant tank, as well as outside the tank. It appears the coolant might have been steamed and exhausted out of the cap.
2. Smell of coolant when the hood is opened.
3. Running on idle, the temperature gauge is showing 105 degree celsius (or 220 degree fahrenheit). While driving above 30mph, it comes down to around 95 degree celsius (or 203 degree fahrenheit). Its a 73 degree fahrenheit day out there, and we are driving on bitumen/tarmac road.

There isn't many choices of JK or JL in where I live, and we have no dealer selling Jeep here.

Are these red flags pointing to a fatal problem with the car? Or are these known issues to the JK 2014.

Really appreciate your time reading my thread. Thank you.


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Oct 20, 2020
Princetown, NY / Largo Fl.
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