Mods to make my new Jeep feel like mine

Take care of it. No one can really answer your question, we all have our likes and what we prefer. The mods someone prefers is not what you might prefer, for instance I am not a fan of the angry grill but others are.
Take care of it. No one can really answer your question, we all have our likes and what we prefer. The mods someone prefers is not what you might prefer, for instance I am not a fan of the angry grill but others are.
Yes no angry grills. Just got mine and bumpers and an exhaust upgrade are on the list. Currently the wife says it sounds like my sons electric quad
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What can i do that will make it feel like my own
Hi PHD. If it wasn't my first post here too, I'd say welcome to the forum.

I just got my first jeep a month ago and have been going through the same process. I had a diesel Touareg before and told myself it was great off-road until I went to Hawaii a couple times and rented a jeep out there. The first time I was on Big Island I got myself into trouble getting somewhere and coldn't turn back. It was a track with a combination of sand and volcanic rock that would have torn my Touareg to bits and the Jeep I rented took it like a champ. This last time I came back and I just I had to have one of my own.

I got a little bit of an older one, a 2009, and I have fallen in love with my Jeep far more than I did that Touareg and have also wanted to make it feel mine. This is going to be a process for you. It will feel more and more yours every day based on what you put into it.

Here are a bunch of low-cost suggestions you can pick and choose from:
  • Interior handles: The JL has good forward grab handles that my girlfriend used to help her climb in. The JK doesn't have these. I got a set pretty cheap from Ali Express and it helps her get into my new one. They are also a great spot to bolt a cell phone holder.
    You have an Unlimited, so the rear ones might be good for you too.
  • Cell phone holder: I tried a few, but ended up with a rugged one designed for motorcycles and bolted it on the bottom of the driver's side handle I bought above:
    The strong clamp or handlebar versions will both work with the handles
  • Headlights: The stock JK headlights are not worthy of the vehicle. I can't tell if yours have been upgraded yet or not from the photo, but consider LEDs. I am going with these:
    You'll need to do some research on pulse width modulation filtering (flicker fixing) and possible plug adapters. I don't know those answers for a 2012, but that's part of the fun of making it yours.
  • Interior storage solutions: The stock JKs are poor on interior storage. There are lots of addons for this. I have no particular suggestions for your year, as your interior is different from mine. But even just a sunglasses holder that straps on to the roll bars is nice.
  • Stereo BT Adapter: My JK has the basic stereo. It has a line in, which I could have run a BT adapter into, but I chose the FM transmitter style as I can put it in my 12v accessory plug and leave it. Tunes from your favourite playlist when the top is off is a great way to make it feel yours.
  • Personalized Plate: I'm a HAM radio operator and my callsign is VA1DER. In my jurisdiction I am able to have that on my license plate at no extra charge. But even a personalized plate you have to pay for is a relatively inexpensive way of making it yours.
  • Stickers: A Vader silhouette on my back window completed the identity I wanted. It helps my JK is white and black. Let me just caution you here, I see people go wild with stickers and other obnoxious-isms. When it comes to stickers, I would suggest that less is more.
  • Off road branch protection: A lot of the off-the-beaten-path places I travel have quite a few branches and other foliage across the track. I don't like it when branches and foliage hit my windshield. I'm more concerned something will snag my wipers than actually damage the windshield. A set of branch protection lines are inexpensive, and help with the rugged look:

Other, a little more pricey options:
  • Like mine, your Sport likely doesn't have cruise control. I really like that in a vehicle, so consider getting a kit. You can do the work yourself or pay someone to install it.
  • The perfect tires for you. Looks like you have some agressive tires on yours, but maybe that doesn't suit you. If you plan on doing more highway driving, then there are good dual-purpose tires. I put a set of Cooper Discoverers on mine. I got 2MPG better mileage instantly and I still have great off-road capability.
  • Stereo replacement. There are some great Android tablet solutions that mount in the stock JK stereo slot and will give you complete Andoid Auto/Carplay, rear-view camera integration, and satnav.
  • Soft-top. I'm strongly considering a Bestop halftop for mine.
  • Storage, Storage, Storage. There are lots of options. Tailgate trays and holders. Side hard-top rails that hold modular solutions. You can never have enough.
  • Roof-mount tent. Turn your JK into a small go-anywhere camping solution. If your JK can't get somewhere, then you need to consider getting there by helicopter. There are some fantastic roof-top solutions that aren't as pricey as you might think.

The best part of what you're getting is that a Wrangler isn't just a vehicle, it's a platform. It's one of the most customizable vehicles ever made, and there are retailers out there (places like that cater to them. Go around to those sites and see what all is available. Those vendors are great for ideas. A note of caution, though. Some things on those sites are reasonably priced, but some are just ridiculous. For example, on the Jeep sites you can see "brand" name LED headlights that someone has bought direct from China for $80 a pair, slapped their brand name on, and are reselling for hundreds or even the better part of a thousand dollars. You can go to and see the exact same ones there. Now, in some cases what you are getting for those added costs are products that are vetted and known to work with your JK, and there are cases where I've paid more because I know what I'm getting will just work. But sometimes you can do the research yourself and save hundreds of dollars.

In any case, welcome to the club! I don't know about where you live, but here in Nova Scotia Canada, every other Jeep driver will give you a little wave. If they do that there, wave back.

EDIT: I just realized that whatever this forum software is doing to links to make them trackable doesn't work well with Ali Express. For the Ali Express links I put in you may have to highlight the text of the URL, copy the text, and then paste it into your browser.
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