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How to reset Uconnect Nav via Engineering Menu


New Member
May 4, 2022
I have a 2015 Jeep Wrangler with an RHB17 Uconnect radio/nav. I wanted to update my maps, but couldn't justify sending $160 to Here just for the updates. I rolled the dice and found an OpenStreetMap that i was able to update on my system (my advice.. DON'T DO THIS). While it worked, the OSMs are basic maps that pretty don't include turn-by-turn spoken street name options as well as several other nav features. So I want to return to the original Garmin maps from Here. I ordered the latest map (they have a $99 special right now), and tried to install it, but it seems the installed OSM is blocking my ability to update to the latest Garmin map. And there is no option in the menu to delete that OSM or to choose which map I want to use. I can't return the map update, nor can I resell it, so I am out $100 if I can't get it installed. Here support has been less than helpful, simply referring me to take the car to a dealer.

I spoke with the person that I got that map from, and he said the only way to delete the OSM is to go into the Engineering Menu and do a PND Restore Factory Defaults. It was pretty easy to get to that option, but pressing that button has me concerned.

What exactly gets "reset" when I choose that option? I have Nav, Backup Camera, and Sirius XM. If I do a Factory reset, do I lose all those options? I already had to pay a dealer $65 to activate my Backup Camera, and don't want to have to do that again. Plus I don't want to lose my Sirius XM, although my guess is that would be simple enough to reactivate. I assume I lose all my favorites (stations, songs, artists) as well as my Nav settings (Home, and other preferences). Those are all fine. I'm good having to reenter all those. I'm more concerned about losing options that I have to pay a dealer to reenable.

Does anyone have a list of what all is reset if I were to choose that option?


USN Retired (1973-1993)
Supporting Member
Jun 15, 2020
Nashville, NC
Your Sirius XM can be easily rest from the website or app, so no worries there. You will lose your backup camera, though, so you might want to consider talking to the dealer before pushing that button, so see if they'll give you a break on resetting it again for you.

Just an FYI, if you run Google Maps or even Waze from your phone and it's connected, it'll provide you with voice prompts and everything your Nav system does, except for the larger screen view. Can't tell you the last time I used the UConnect Nav system- I personally think the installed navigation systems that require you to purchase updates are a waste of money- none of it is real-time.

This is what I use- perfect height, right next to my touchscreen display:

I could be wrong, but I believe you will also lose your phone book, voice commands and other stuff you may have done to make hands free calling easier.


Supporting Member
Dec 20, 2019
West Michigan
Seems I did that on a non-nav unit when I bought my last used JK. IIRC, Everything on the radio was reset (favorites, preferences, phone book, etc.). This one didn't have the nav, but I doubt the camera would be lost. Also, I've successfully added the camera option on a few JK's with a $30 app and a $20 obd II dongle - but that's not too far from what the dealer charged. I agree with @Anybodyhome in that updating factory nav is an expensive route these days, but I understand liking the cleanliness of it. Sorry I can't be more specific.