How often do you typically take the hard top off, or AITAH?


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Mar 28, 2022
AITAH here?
I already know that I'm losing this battle, but I want to get feedback from others to ease my mind.
Our '15 JKU has a factory hard top (now w/ a roof rack) and a Sunrider in place of the Freedom Panels.

Wife wants me to take the top off so that she and 3 friends can drive to the beach w/ bicycles today.
Mind you, we live 15 minutes from the beach. FIFTEEN MINUTES!

They'll probably only ride bikes at the beach for an hour before one of them cries foul and needs to give up!

It's gonna take me 45 minutes and a decent amount of effort to remove the sunrider and rear top.
Not to mention that the top MUST go back on TODAY because we have no place else to put it.
Another 45 minutes to put it back on, all so that they can ride without a top for a total of about 30 minutes, ON A CLOUDY DAY!

So, AITAH here for rejecting the idea?
I'd suggest mounting lights on the hardtop. When you run the wiring, "forget" to add any disconnects. The hardtop can no longer be removed.
There are lights on the rack that haven’t been connected yet, but a plug along the roll bar is part of that equation.
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I understand the ROI here, but I probably would. That said, it is a PITA when you don't have a good system or place to store it.

Sympathies... ;)
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I would say “ honey I love you BUT the top isn’t coming off”
Than you offer her up an alternative by doing a short strip show for her and take your top off . Haha
Never take my hard top ever .
Yeah I know . Just don’t like the thought of Jeep filling with dust and now that rainy season is fast approaching don’t want it to get filled with water .
Honestly, if they were going to be cruising in the Jeep all day I would have done it, but they were using it for less than 45 minutes… it’s sitting in the parking lot.

She came to her senses after I didn’t cave.
Look at #5