Fried PCM - 2007 Wrangler Rubicon 3.8


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May 13, 2024
Lake Ozark
Hello and thanks for reading. Would anyone know what caused this much damage? Ive seen Pcm's that had a chip or two fry but not as bad as this. The jeep ran fine when parked that day, next morning, running poorly. Still started with the bump of the key and idled ok without any engine shake. Had codes: P0300 and P2302.
Would anyone have an idea what may have caused this? In the hunt of figuring what was wrong, the plugs and wires were changed along with the coil. The plugs and wires look to be original, never changed. Never seen plugs in such bad of shape. Had Mopar wires with each cylinder number on them from boot to boot. The plugs were RE14PLP5, which match the plug number on sticker under hood. Previous owners didnt do a good job on maintenance.

Any ideas on the cause and what to look for before putting another PCM in? Added some pictures.

Thank you for you time and help.

image (1).jpg

image (8).jpg

image (7).jpg

image (9).jpg


image (10).jpg