Evap system woes (time for a new fuel tank?)


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Jan 19, 2023
Hello Jeep fans,
I could use some help. 2008 JKU Sahara with a manual transmission.
Long story short, I have struggled to get the warning off the dash and electrical tape is not the answer.
I have replaced all the usual suspects but now I am on the tank. The fittings on the top have started to break off and I was told it is now leaking around the threading spot where they sit on top of the tank. I have used a lot of two part epoxy for the fittings and the leaks keep moving. (local garage feeling my pain has done the checks and the last was on the top of the tank.) More epoxy. So, the light came back on again. I am looking at replacing the original tank. Looking at used and new costs seem extreme. Mopar website is $1000 delivered to michigan. Does anyone have an idea on affordable tanks or ideas to fix. I realize that fuel tank removal is a pandoras box. Fuel filter and pump would be replaced while knee deep?
The last place they found a leak was around the insert in the picture. I have already tried to epoxy the fitting back in place. You can see my handy work in the pictures. I was told that this part is part of the tank?


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Always heard also it was non replaceable. Bastards really got a man by the short hairs when it comes to fuel tanks and the piece of tin they call a skid plate. Makes me want a beer🍺🍺
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10-4. JerryD from Michigan mentioned it in a post last Thursday. I haven’t used it but looks like a good source