Do you have a faded or dirty soft top? (Not an ad)


Jul 8, 2020

I ended up buying a soft top last year, just because I wanted the tinted side windows for my soft top. I didn't think I needed it, but got a small tear in my soft top a couple of weeks ago and thought I'd swap it out.

This new/used soft top was from an 09 and was used only a couple of times, and stored uncovered in a shed. It WAS DIRTY and after scrubbing the hell out of it a couple times, the dirt was embedded or it was faded like hell with a tan color.

I installed the top and ordered this Forever Black / Black Top and hoped for so-so results for $16 on Amazon.

Got it the next day and watched the YouTube video from the company. I did 2 coats in an hour (I prob could've done 1). 2 days on and this stuff transformed the soft top to damn near new shape.

I took a "before photo", but it didn't save! So, if anyone wants to renew their soft top, this stuff is worth a shot for $16. If it lasts a year, I'll be happy (it says up to a year). If it doesn't, I'll let you know - but for $16, I'd do it twice a year 😀
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