Clunking and clicking from front differential after engaging front locker

Wendell D

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Feb 21, 2024
Senoia Ga
I tried the search! But didn't find my exact problem.
2008 jku rubicon. new to me so I don't have any history. I've used 4wd several times and it worked fine and no noises. I was checking everything out and I put into 4 low and engaged the front and rear lockers. The rear locked up fine. The front didnt lock and continued to flash. It finally would lock going straight but unlock the second I turned the steering wheel. When l unlocked the front axel it continued it make some loud clicking and clunking noises. I drove it some more in 2wd and the noises went away. I was 4 wheeling last Sunday and put it in 4wd high and was playing in the mud. It started the clicking and clunking again. Then we got finished we were back on a dirt road and it started the clicking and it was extremely loud. I stopped to make sure that there wasn't a stick or something caught in the wheel. It got quieter on the drive home. What could this be? I've read some stuff about the actuator ring goes bad. Does this sound like an actuator? Sorry so long but I was trying to give a complete picture of what's going on. TIA
You're going to need to rebuild the front diff. It could be a number of different bits in there, but you really can't tell just from the description. When you pull it apart, it'll be fairly easy to tell what's busted.