Can I put the factory sub from a 2012 JK into my 2017 JK?


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Aug 1, 2023
Wilmington, MA
Does anyone know if I can put the sub from say a 2012 which goes on the right of the cargo area in a 2017? I don’t like the one in the floor as I like to use my tiny cargo space. Thank you!
Are you talking you have a sub down in the rear floor area or a sub box behind the seat? Either way, how are you powering the sub?
I have a Sahara but they (original owner) opted not to get the upgraded stereo of course. I replaced everything (head unit and speakers) with Alpine. I currently do not have a sub, but would like to get one. For 2017 it would be in the cargo area under the mat area. I prefer not to have it there. I’d like to use the one I have pictured here which is from a 2012. My question is would the 2012 version fit?
If memory serves me right your 17 would have 4 2 ohm inputs and the 12 woofer only has 2 2ohm inputs. I'm not sure your 17's oem amp would have a sub output since it wasn't an upgraded system to start with. to weather the enclosure would fit into your 17...I'm not sure it would be worth it. You might be better off going aftermarket enclosure with an upgraded sub and and aftermarket amplifier setup.
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I've thought about the rear sub delete kit (passenger side wall in the cargo bay) since I replaced all the speakers. The Rockford Fosgate I installed have a very nice bass and I'm not even sure I hear the sub anymore.