Axle-back exhaust


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Mar 28, 2022
Our 2015 already had a replacement axle-back muffler setup installed when we bought it.
The quality of the exhaust isn't that great, and the workmanship from the installer is even less impressive; this may be the first time the guy ever touched a welder.

Anyway, I have a leak at the inlet to the muffler and it will need to be addressed. I can't believe that it passed CA SMOG test like this just last week.

I wasn't really looking for a new exhaust, but I see no reason to retain any of this behind the first weld.

That being said, I started looking for budget options and found several on Amazon that are at least "supposed" to fit and I'm looking for feedback.

This product looks promising, except that it lists the input as 4"...

I like the all black on this one...

If anyone has experience with either of these options or can maybe help point me to other options under $200 I would be appreciative. It doesn't have to be a dual tip, but I do prefer that look over a single outlet.
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I suspect the 4" is incorrect. Their diagram shows the inlet and exhaust tips as each being 4", and even with one eye I can see that's simply not the case. But that sort of sloppiness in their listing doesn't fill me with confidence about their accuracy in other areas either.

I looked at the BoardRoad exhaust, but chose the Flowmaster instead. It does seem a solid product, from what I've read, but I have not installed one personally.

Nice booger welds on your current exhaust. I agree with your opinion of the welder. You're going to have to cut that off, obviously. You might need to replace that pipe as well.
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I've been running this for almost 9 months now.

It slipped right in, no fuss, no mess. Got a bit of throaty grumble, but can easily listen to the radio without cranking the sound.

ETA: I'd try grinding that weld off. I doubt it got much if any penetration. The angle of the muffler pipe is obviously not of a muffler designed for your Jeep.
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I ordered the Board Road

Should be here Friday, then I either need to find a local shop or get brave enough to cut the existing pipe and try the clamp.
I’m kind of regretting my Magnaflow purchase at this point as it looks WAY too similar to the model you just ordered for about 1/4 of the price.

I do love the quality, craftsmanship and subtle sound of the Magnaflow. It was a simple install…..
The Board Road system arrived and was an easy install for the local shop I found.
He cut the old pipe in front of the first weld and the new part fit on without needing to make a filler piece or needing to weld it on.
The clamp that came w/ the new unit is high quality and allowed for a solid, bolt-on installation.
There was another much larger hole on the backside of the old pipe that I couldn’t see until it was removed.

The new sound is mellow, and it looks great. I would recommend this system for anyone looking for a budget friendly dual exhaust.
That link didn't work for me but I used the Amazon product link you provided earlier and scrolled through the images and found the video... Sounds good! Good option when mine goes south. Hopefully, the black coating holds up.