Any benefits to a JK over a JL?


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Nov 13, 2023
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In the market and from most posts that I see the JL is a pretty nice upgrade and improvement, but are there anything one might miss or benefit from the JK?
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I'll give you my perspective since I just purchased a JK. I started out looking for a TJ since I like the aesthetic and they are relatively simple to work on if/when something goes wrong.

Two things swayed me from that path: 1) asking price for a clean, somewhat un-modded vehicle and 2) ergonomics (mainly entry/exit for my wife with the higher door sill).

I drove a JK and really liked it and that sold it for me as far as what model to start looking for. I did go through the thought process of getting into a JL instead but around me the price is still alot higher for equivalent content. There are also more electronics so, much like any other vehicle on the road, they are getting more and more difficult to service as the generations advance. For me the styling is about equivalent - there wasn't a huge advantage there. For my usage the improved algorithms (traction control, etc) also won't be of much benefit.

In the end the JK won out for me from a "value" perspective. To answer your question specifically, what I would mainly miss from my JK is money (~$10k or so)... This is a third vehicle so not a daily driver, however, and I wanted some extra money in the budget to make some modifications.
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From what I understand the JL is a lot more complicated to work on and has even more electronics then then the JK. I hear they ride really nice though.
JL has Increased complexity - auto stop/start, event data recorder, park assist, adaptive cruise control, among other features (good/bad depending on your view).

Custom jk parts are becoming more scarce, aftermarket is focusing on JL.

We picked up a JT Mojave, and it is nice. The Mojave can handle some tow duties & has some beefed up components over the other models. This is the wife's Jeep, and it will see only light trail use.

I love my JK, like the JT (still learning it) but miss my CJ. 😊