2016 rubi stick


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May 12, 2024
New to the fourm! Building up my 16 rubi for moderate trail riding in Maine..

So far here's what I've done but need a little input on lifts... I know what I want it to do but I keep getting lost down the rabit hole going back and forth.
I have bumpers (xrc gen 2 front/atlas rear)
Bushwacker flat fenders
16" (4") backspace steel wheels with 255/85r16 yoko geolanders.
I get absolutely no tire rub with the setup I currently run with factory rubicon suspension but do experience shock fade pretty bad and rough roads get exhausting for extended periods of time

I'd like to run mickey thompson baja boss 255/85r17 (34x10) tires on 17" 4.5" backspace steel wheels for a touch more clearance without a ton of extra tire weight and hopefully not have to regear immediatly from my factory 4.10 ratio. I usually ride in 4 low disconnected and cruise in 3rd or 4th gear and drop down to 1rst or second for obstacles
I know I need to trim factory rock rails and pinch welds in the rear if I maintain the factory bumpstops (which I'd like to if coil bind doesn't become an issue).
The bumpers I've put on are fairly heavy and will be heavier once I install a winch,farm jack and gas cans.
The bumpers brought the jeep down 1/2" from factory height and I'd like to be up 2" from factory height after the lift.
I have to travel up to 100 miles on asphalt roads to rearch trails and the trails range from mild to wild with deep rutted trails being fairly common and large rock obstacles being less common.
I do haul an old army pintle hitch jeep trailer when camping It weighs less than 1000lbs loaded up with camping gear.

Is there any lift kits/components you guys would recommend for such scenario's?
I'd rather spend more money for qaulity on suspension components as opposed to budget kits where we can end up 50+ miles off pavement up here if we try. I'd like to have more "droop" in the suspension and have a smoother ride covering the inbetweens but still be able to tuck tires and utilize the larger wheel wells with the fenders. I don't know how critical control arms/ trackbars and other components are with a 2 " lift.
I was thinking reservoir shocks like bilstein 5160s and 2.5" lift rockrawler triplerate springs brake line extensions and swaybar links would be a decent start?



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