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2012 Unlimited Sport Build/Ride


New Member
Nov 9, 2022
Lexington, North Carolina
Good morning!

I am new to the group, as well as being new to owning a 4 door jeep!
- previously I had a 2000 TJ Sahara Wrangler that was my first jeep and I fell in love with it.
- currently I own a 2012 Unlimited Sport Wrangler and I love it just as much!

I have built my 4 door up and am so excited to be part of this new forum, I was in a TJ one before hand.

Here's some photos!

*Also would love some recommendations on a apple car play stereo if you have any!*




Dirty Dog

JK Enthusiast
Supporting Member
Lifetime Supporting Member
Sep 18, 2022
Pueblo West, CO
Incidentally, if you plan on taking your Wrangler off highway, you might want to revisit your wheel & tire choice. Off the pavement, you want less wheel and more tire. Small sidewall tires don't flex worth a darn. Sidewall flex allows the tire (especially when aired down) to wrap around obstacles to provide better traction. The sidewall also protects the wheel from impact. A short sidewall means more impact on the wheel. With alloy wheels, that more often means a broken wheel, rather than bent.

I've got 18x9's on our Rubis, because that had a better tire selection then 17. And I'd prefer smaller. The other 4x4's I've built have mostly used 15" or 16" wheels with 37"-40" rubber. My favorite hardcore Jeep used steel 15" wheels with 40" bias play IROKs. Tons of sidewall flex, and if I did bend something I could (and did) pound it back straight-ish on the trail.