2.5" Lift: AEV or Teraflex


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Sep 14, 2023
I have a 2015 JK with a spacer lift and 33s. I have chatted with a couple local shops and narrowed it down to one of the following:

AEV with Bilstein 5100s:

Teraflex + adjustable track bar + lower control arms + Falcon 2.1s:

Honestly I drive this thing around town and on the freeway 95% of the time, but want something a little more robust for on the trails as well. Out the door after install the 2 options above are about the same price. Thoughts?
We have the AEV on three JK’s and love it. Great ride and handling. All around good performance on and off road. I suppose if was building a serious rock crawler might want to look at a different lift all together.
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I have the 2.5” dual sport AEV on my 2017 JKU WW and am extremely happy with it. I don’t do any serious off roadimg mainly on road and it actually handles better with the lift. Only addition I made to the lift was I added the geometry correction brackets.
Good summary! What pushed you to the AEV over the Teraflex or others? Was it mainly the shock tuning?
It’s been a while since I installed it. I believe the final decision came to down to what I thought was a complete kit, well priced and knowing everything was tuned to their specific coil. We done misc off roading, including a small portion of the Rubicon and it did great. Just very happy with it, I wish they made a setup for the TJ/LJ, but they don’t so will probably pull the trigger for a BDS system in the next three days.
I got the aev dualsport xt plus fox steering stabilizer last September and its amazing. Running 35's at 30psi. What a difference. I also no longer feel like im going to die on highways. That previous steering deadzone common to most jeeps can be downright scary.
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