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  1. Daddyo2373

    Bass / radio issues

    Hooking up a powered sub is really easy. You will get a wiring kit. 1 fused hot wire from the battery, 1 short ground to frame, 1 remote wire for stereo to turn it on, and a set of RCA for the actual signal. Crutchfield has everything you need, expert customer support, exact directions for...
  2. Daddyo2373

    Bass / radio issues

    You can get a powered sub and it's easy to hook up. We have a powered 10" Rockford Fosgate sub in ours and it was easy to hook up. There are many options for powered subs out there. Go check out The best place for a diy.
  3. Daddyo2373

    Bass / radio issues

    You need better speakers and an amp. If you want bass, then you also need a subwoofer with amp.
  4. Daddyo2373

    Permanent error code?

    Anyone out there ever seen something like this?
  5. Daddyo2373

    Permanent error code?

    Has anyone ever gotten a permanent error code? I have a P0306 that is permanent. Jscan won't clear, disconnecting battery won't clear.
  6. Daddyo2373

    Misfire Misfits

    I got the new PCM from wranglerfix. Been running great for about 4 months and just had a misfire on cylinder 6. Pulled the plug wire and the end came off and stayed on the plug! Cheap junk. Pulled all the rest and all but 1 did the same. Got some Mopar plug wires, still misfire on 6. Ohmed...
  7. Daddyo2373

    2008 JK with PO172 and PO300 codes

    If you determine that it is the PCM, contact Mark at We purchased a PCM for an 05 and our 2010 from him. Highly recommend!
  8. Daddyo2373

    buying used...some questions

    Just about all of them will leak. One of the biggest culprits is around the doors toward the front. Go to hardware store and get some weatherstripping to add to it. As for the rust, if there's not a hole it's not a deal breaker. First thing you need to do is rip the carpet out and Rhino line...
  9. Daddyo2373

    Aftermarket Stereo Replacement Help & Recommendations? (Amazon?)

    Yes, go to You can call or chat and they will help you with everything and the best part of buying from them is you get everything you need including custom installation instructions. If really concerned about rain then get a marine radio.
  10. Daddyo2373

    Misfire Misfits

    Update: The chips came in and I attempted to get one soldered on. I think I may have messed up the circuit board in the process. I went ahead and soldered it. When I checked it with a meter on the diode setting, the new one measure 2.3 v while the other 2 measured 1.5 v, so something is not...
  11. Daddyo2373

    JK seems to misfire in all gears at different speeds

    Sounds like you might have issues with your torque converter. How many miles? Has the transmission ever been serviced? Check trans fluid. Make sure level is good and is a good red color.
  12. Daddyo2373

    Misfire Misfits

    So this issue is on a 2010 with the 3.8l Jeep suddenly has CEL and stuttering bad. Limped to closest parts store and scanned with JScan. P0300 & P2305. The P2305 was a misfire on circuit 1 (which I misread at first and thought cylinder 1). Anyhow, pulled plug wire off of #1 and the tip broke...
  13. Daddyo2373

    Tool for deleting TPMS?

    X6 on JScan. I've changed tire size to correct speedo and make auto trans shift correctly, disabled TPMS, programmed a spare key, and recently diagnosed a misfire issue. Well worth it!
  14. Daddyo2373

    Auto trans cooler

    No, it's not. We have a 2010 and it did not have a trans cooler. It does now though!
  15. Daddyo2373

    How to replace the A/C blend door on your Jeep Wrangler JK

    Just an FYI....2010 does not have actuators for the blend door or the direction. It only has one for the recirculation. The other 2 are cable actuated. Not sure if they changed to all actuators in 2011 or 2012.
  16. Daddyo2373

    Best scanner tool

    Even though the op is a shade tree mechanic, this is a Jeep JK forum, thus the JScan app and a bluetooth OBDII reader is the best bang for buck.
  17. Daddyo2373

    What shocks for Teraflex 2.5 lift?

    If you want it to ride like a wagon then sure. With RC, the name fits. Like I said, you get what you pay for with lifts. This is from experience. We have the RC 2.5" lift on ours and it is rough. I really wish we had saved that money and waited to add to it and get a better lift.
  18. Daddyo2373

    AEV 2.5" lift - steering questions - advice needed

    You can check your ball joints. Jack it up and try to wiggle tire top to bottom. If any movement then yes, replace ball joints. If you do replace them go with an HD version. Teraflex makes a good one. With geometry correction brackets you don't have to get adjustable track bars but they are...
  19. Daddyo2373

    What size lift should I run? Metalcloak Gamechanger 3.5" or 4.5"?

    I would go 4.5", especially if you are thinking of going a little larger tire in the future. We have 35s with a 2.5" lift and it really could use a 3 or 3.5"
  20. Daddyo2373

    Alarm activates

    Have you tried the Jscan app. You can deactivate a ton of stuff so I'm sure you can deactivate the alarm.