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  1. Lakebeard


    I do the same, bead locks, plugs, patch kit, onboard air and full size spare in the soon as I take out one, I'll need it on the trail, or atleast I think i will.
  2. Lakebeard

    Gear Ratio for 35" tires

    We just did 5.13 in the wifes JKU, we had 4.10, huge differnece. The place we went had a REM polish (i think its wahts its called) they ran the new gears thu a machine so we didnt have to deal w/ the break in period. This is the 4th Jeep i have had re-geard, lack of a break in period and lube...
  3. Lakebeard

    Need help! Control arms

    Looks to be a Jonnhy Joint, you can rebuild the joint itself, or buy the whole arms as suggested. I would rebuild.
  4. Lakebeard

    JK Front Big Brake Upgrade

    Check out black magic brakes. Mr. Blaine is on the TJ forum; he will answer any questions you have.
  5. Lakebeard

    What did you do to your JK today?

    Currie Currect links going in this weekend. Did the diffs last weekend, getting her ready to run the Rubicon.
  6. Lakebeard

    What did you do to your JK today?

    It has a 600 lb load limit. The part w/ the ladder has a locking mechinism that hooks up to the other side. Im 240 and it didnt seem weak to me when i was up there.
  7. Lakebeard

    What did you do to your JK today?

    its only 116 lbs
  8. Lakebeard

    What did you do to your JK today?

    Thanks, The smaller Smittybuilt. We havent taken it out yet, hopfully next weekend.
  9. Lakebeard

    What did you do to your JK today?

    Installed a roof rack and RTT on the wifes JKU. Got an 37qt ARB installed in the rear too. Getting ready for the Rubicon in June
  10. Lakebeard

    California ARB 63 Qt Fridge

    Selling y 63 Qt Fridge. Has cover and tie downs, in great shape. willing to trade as well.
  11. Lakebeard

    California JKU Parts for sale

    The pics are from AMZ, where iI bought, I'll get pics of the actual item later when home, i just keep forgetting Rear Bumper - $100 Trail Doors
  12. Lakebeard

    TJ Wheel (rim) options

    I run these aluminum Raceline rims on my TJ, The bolt patten on all TJ's is 5x4.5