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  1. Duster

    Are Rubicon Dana 44 axles longer than Sport axles?

    Are you looking at the front or rear axles on a Sport, or comparing a Rubicon to a Sport, or is there some other "sport" you have in mind? The Rubicon has 44s front and rear, but they aren't interchangeable. For instance, the front differential housing is off center on the driver's side (left...
  2. Duster

    Best setup for road and trail

    A Rubicon, as factory built, is engineered to handle anything but extraordinarily tough rock crawling without needing any serious modifications. A stock Rubicon JK/U can be taken over the Rubicon Trail, given a driver that knows the vehicle, and a decent spotter. So, unless you are looking at...
  3. Duster

    Bought my first Jeep

    Yep. Thanks for catching that. Not sure what the hands typing were thinking. All I can think of is that somewhere between the brain and the fingertips something decided to round the number to the nearest multiple of 10.
  4. Duster

    Bought my first Jeep

    As concerns factory specifications, look here: Lift can be a tricky thing to determine. When I bought mine, used, it was noticeably higher than my first. Your original set should have included a DANA 30 front...
  5. Duster

    Looking for a rear bumper for my JK

    Four millimeters is just a little more than 5/32" and about .03 less than 3/16. The "tow rated" probably tells you more than metal thickness, though.
  6. Duster

    Lighting bolt and loss of power

    One thing they mention is that the "sensor problem" might not be a sensor. It could be wiring, and that would not be resolved by swapping out sensors. The idea seems like a reasonable diagnostic, but the dealer rates are commonly higher.
  7. Duster

    2011 Wrangler Engine Died After Repairs

    You want the shop to explain exactly what the problem with the engine is. Also, you want to know how it was they didn't catch the problem the first time you had the jeep in the shop. Something more or less catastrophic has to be wrong with the motor.
  8. Duster

    Lighting bolt and loss of power

    I still growl when I think about what my '68 Fastback Mustang would be worth now. It had the 390 cu in big block V-8. Factory four on the floor.
  9. Duster

    Lighting bolt and loss of power

    Depending on which state you hang out in, and probably how long you have had the vehicle and problem with it, there maybe a lemon law that can help you. As and side, but related question, did you or your wife ever notice whether the engine warmed up properly?
  10. Duster

    What parts are necessary to install a 3-1/2 lift from an existing 2-1/2 inch lift?

    When you think about what a lift does, it moves the body mounted portions of the suspension upward. It does not affect the differentials, which are mounted in the axle assembly. They are affected only by tire diameter. So a lift kit will improve your cross-over clearance without changing the...
  11. Duster

    2 spares

  12. Duster

    2 spares

    I had a '15 Rubi and it did not have a second spare underneath. I think that if you check, the second tire would be on a nonstandard, added mount. It will also affect your ground clearance to some degree.
  13. Duster

    No start, no crank

    Mine never cranked slowly. It started, and then about no crank. That's why I asked about the age.
  14. Duster

    Snow chain recommendations for 33" KO2 tires

    Yep. It can get cold too. One night climbing the pass from Truckee, I had to completely cover the radiator of my truck to keep the engine warm enough while running. Coming to Truckee from Reno the engine was in a decent state, but climbing the pass, the needle just started dropping.
  15. Duster

    No start, no crank

    How old is the battery? I just replaced mine and the symptoms sound similar. I have a '16 and the battery was the original.
  16. Duster

    Is my drag link bent?

    Yes. The two pinion points you have highlighted: passenger-side tie rod pinion and passenger-side end of track bar should be as close to in the same plane as possible. The ideal is for the two pinions to describe _parallel_, concentric arcs as the wheel and axle moves up and down. The arcs...
  17. Duster

    Which Android OBD2 scan app?

    Thanks. I didn't recall it as more than two.
  18. Duster

    Which Android OBD2 scan app?

    I have Jscan on Android. The biggest drawback is that you have to register, pay to get the most out of it. You are also limited, IIRC, to two vin numbers.
  19. Duster

    Sleeping with air mattress in a JKU?

    The distance from the tailgate to the front seat can be a problem if you're tall and want to close the tailgate when you turn in. You have an inch on me, and I find it too tight. I'm in a 2016 JKU. You might have to get creative and move the front seats as far forward as you can.
  20. Duster

    Battery Group Size

    Final results. I installed an AGM 94R. The old battery is "technically" a 48, and the small add-in spacer for the 48 size was in the tray. The 94 is a tight fit.