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  1. AaronK

    JKU Verses JLU

    Oh heck ya. You can put 35's on is stock. You may rub but it will fit 35's. With a2 inch lift and 35's you will go anywhere the JK goes for certain. They are very off-road vehicles
  2. AaronK

    JKU Verses JLU

    I have been wanting to get into one of those just to see what they are all about. Maybe this weekend
  3. AaronK

    JKU Verses JLU

    You are right. The moment I stepped into the JL I was like, WOW, they really made a huge leap from the JK. Great job by Jeep. They understand their market is NOT hardcore off-roaders. Its, families, kids etc. that want luxury and all the bells and whistles.
  4. AaronK

    Possible New Jeep Model

    85-90 percent of all Jeep owners will never take their rigs to a place where that rear overhang would even be an issue. So, if they do come out with something like this it will sell because its a 7 seater, its not the new Wagoneer its still a JEEP and it will be a family "sedan" Do you all...
  5. AaronK

    JKU Verses JLU

    Owning both a JK Sahara at one point and now owning a JL Sahara I can tell you the JL is a much more comfortable and quieter ride. The fit and finish is better than the JK, the options like heated steering wheel, heated mirrors, backup cam, etc. etc. etc. just makes it a more modern day vehicle...
  6. AaronK

    TJ to JK, I have questions

    It depends on the year of the JK you are considering. I would avoid 2012 all together. The JK is nice, the earlier models of the JK prior to their "refresh" were ok. Not much of an improvement over the TJ's in my opinion. The refresh was good and brought the total fit and finish well above what...
  7. AaronK

    How do I determine how much lift my Jeep Wrangler JK has?

    Stamped into the metal typically at the bottom but since yours are pretty rusted you may not be able to see them (if they had them to begin with) The issue with guessing is if you are wrong its going to cause issues. If you can afford it why not replace just the 2 front coils for the time being?
  8. AaronK

    How do I determine how much lift my Jeep Wrangler JK has?

    If you know the brand of lift you have there is typically a stamp somewhere on the spring that will identify it to the MFG. Call the MFG with that stamp number and they can tell you exactly what you have.
  9. AaronK

    New to jeeps want a better riding Jeep

    To me, if you aren't doing any real off-roading then maybe some good Rancho 9000's would be great (even if you were doing off-roading) Not knowing the mileage on your rig but it may be in need of new shocks as it is and those 9k's are really good but you are going to get a stiffer ride for sure
  10. AaronK

    Jeep making whining noise when accelerating with AC on

    Does it sound like it is coming from the engine?
  11. AaronK

    Jeep making whining noise when accelerating with AC on

    Shep have you figured this out yet?
  12. AaronK

    2012 Wrangler radio has dim lights

    Have you figured out what is wrong yet or do you still need some help?
  13. AaronK

    2012 Jeep wrangler recycle air light barely visible

    This will sound dumb but have you tried the "tap" method? Just gently tap that area and see if it makes any difference whatsoever. Let me know what happens if you like. Thank you