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    New Owner

    I remember watching it. Christopher George was the lead actor. It wasn't in the prime time rotation at my house when I was a kid, but that's when there were about 4 channels...
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    New Owner

    That's the Rat Patrol on your profile, right?
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    New Owner

    I'm not going to pull any punches here. You should track down the previous owner and punch him in the face for spending all that money on lift, wheels, tires, gadgets, etc. and not spending a dime on re-gearing it. Matter of fact, I bet one of the reasons it was sitting on a car lot was because...
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    Trouble Installing Rancho RS5000 Shocks

    Although penetration is 9/10 of the law, it obviously does not apply to shock absorber bushings.
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    Is it okay to lust after another man's Jeep?

    The only way a Gladiator looks good is lifted with some decent wheels and tires. But this owner, in my humble, old-school opinion, only made this one look worse with that front end and windshield treatment.
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    My first real jeep

    It's a Jeep. Torque is more important than power. It's a Jeep, but has all the aerodynamic qualities of a So, you'll learn to accept the gas mileage. And appreciate all the times you can go downhill with a tailwind and try to make up for some of it. I've been in Iowa a couple times and...
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    Switch at hood, anyone have one of these?

    And it won't work if the low gasoline light is on.
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    Jeep Mod

    You can lower the lift to 2 - 2.5" and keep the 35's. I'm 67 and my JKU is the perfect height with a 2.5" lift to step in and out of. But, I'm 6'6" too, so that makes a lot of difference when getting in and out. Conversely, my wife would not be happy if I had 4+" of lift as she has issues now...
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    Limp mode..

    That's a lot of part replacement you've detailed. One, all encompassing sort of question: with each part replacement did you: 1) use OEM replacement parts? 2) reset the ecm so it could learn the new parts?
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    Quiet offroad tires

    Me, too.
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    Bluetooth streaming with Uconnect 230

    Your BT device plays via the Aux button. So, if you're streaming Pandora, let's say, once you get the phone connected and playing Pandora, just hit the Aux button and you should be hearing much better quality sound than satellite radio.
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    Water in jack storage area

    Although I keep nothing in it, my jack storage space has a plug, just like the floorboards. Do the older models not have a plug?
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    Hazards and hill decent not working

    Oh, forgot to add there are several YouTube vids out there to help you pop the panel off.
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    Hazards and hill decent not working

    Did some more reading on this. Check your M20 fuse first. If that checks out, you'll need to pop off that switch panel. Apparently every one of the switches share a connector behind the panel that may be loose. Next, if all else fails, you may need a new switch panel- (about $50 depending on...
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    Hazards and hill decent not working

    If a combination of hazards, descent control and/or traction control aren't working, the switch panel connections may be the issue. It could be fuse-related, but the traction control system is on a completely different fuse than the hazards and descent control, which I believe have their own...
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    Hazards and hill decent not working

    @TGarcia you may try messaging either or both members who posted these issues and try to elicit a response. It appears both of them had the issue, logged onto the forum trying to find a fix and disappeared after. In the meantime, please provide year and model of your vehicle and some of us...
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    Passenger Floor Coolant

    Good you found it. Fortunately a new hose and/or connection is all that's necessary.
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    Need a South Jersey mechanic

    Ok4wd and Tire 2621 SR 57 Stewartsville, NJ 08886 908-545-6973 My brother in-law (JK owner) swears by them. Not south Jersey by any stretch, but....
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    The 3:21 gearing is worthless for any off-road activity and will likely be the most expensive upgrade you'll need for the dunes. Not sugar-coating it and not going to BS you- you'll need a new gear. The tallest tire you can put on your 17 x 7.5" wheels is a 315 (35") and the max width is a 11.5."
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    Because sand dunes don't really require much flex and travel on the suspension, I'm not sure you need anything beyond and inch or 2 tops. This is fairly cost friendly. I'd be more concerned with gearing and tires than anything.