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  1. Duster

    J-Scan tire change broke speedometer and threw lots of codes

    As Dirty Dog said, "Correlation is not [necessarily] causation." Neither is certainty necessarily correct. There are an immense number of interacting elements that could be interacting differently now. JScan may have enabled the appearance of developing faults that were lurking. For instance...
  2. Duster

    JK stutters and shakes when using 4WD in deep snow

    What was the traction control setup like? The Wrangler's ESC uses some cute electronics to monitor and modify wheel speed, applying brake and engine torque to maximize performance. There is also a brake lock differential that works to limit the difference in rotation speed between wheels on...
  3. Duster

    Fake overheating

    What gauge? Is it after-market? My OEM temperature gauge is just from C to H. If your sensor is not paired properly, there's no telling what your readings mean. It's like putting on larger tires. If you don't recalibrate your speedometer, then it will report a lower speed than you are...
  4. Duster

    Is a muffler delete a good idea?

    Off grid definitely has its attractions.
  5. Duster

    Is a muffler delete a good idea?

    I'll be in my 80s by then, so I might not be driving much. I know California has the goal, silly as it is.
  6. Duster

    Flashing light red dot in upper right of dash

    This discussion could be a little clearer. "Key fob" usually means an object separate from the key, that the key is attached to. My Tacoma had one. My 2016 Rubi has an "integral" fob that is part of the key. It sounds from the description like the security light comes on and off while...
  7. Duster

    Mail Jeep lift questions

    If it's right-hand drive, I would suggest checking out Australian or UK off roading groups. They are all right-hand drive, except perhaps the mail Jeeps ;-). They may be different, but it seems silly for Jeep to have designed distinct RHD systems, one for US Mail, and one for the rest of the...
  8. Duster

    Is a muffler delete a good idea?

    Not likely. Their off-road performance is sad, and the range ...? But, that said, quieter vehicles in the wild allow you to roll up without startling the animals. I liked my Tacoma - not an EV - for that. True story, it was quiet enough that a nice young lady, blind, walked into the side of...
  9. Duster

    Is a muffler delete a good idea?

    I've always preferred quiet exhaust, the quieter the better.
  10. Duster

    Dealer Misrepresented Trim

    Some people remove the Some people remove the decals. My Rubicon has nothing the Trail Rated badge and Jeep on the front. I can't be certain about this without a closer look at the lower Jeep, but . . . I do believe that the upper Jeep is a 2018 JKU, while the lower is the 2018 JLU body...
  11. Duster

    Mopar Rubicon Front Bumper Compatibility Confusion

    You want to be comfortable when you pull the trigger. I can understand the frustration of not being able to walk in and use tape measure to check the spacing. That said, I have never found any aftermarket elements other than the tops (hard and soft) that actually differ between the two. I was...
  12. Duster

    Violent shaking

    If this started after just one particularly hard bounce I would carefully check the tie rod adjustments at both ends, and the stabilizer bar adjustment connection to the drag link. "Death wobble" isn't limited to Jeeps, but they are well known for it since they are often modified in ways that...
  13. Duster

    Cheap Air filters Versus Expensive Air Filters

    I swapped out the disposable engine and cabin filters for washable K&N filters. If you plan to own your jeep for at least 10 years then the cost will be fully amortized, since you save the costs of replacements, and if you take it to a shop rather than DIY, the labor cost as well. There are a...
  14. Duster

    Mopar Rubicon Front Bumper Compatibility Confusion

    Look here: You should be fine. There's a comma between "JK" and "Unlimited," so both. It also fits multiple years. The "stubby" is just the central section of the steel Hard Rock, 10th Aniversary, and "X" versions of the Rubicon.
  15. Duster

    Upper Oil Pan Torque Specs 105 lbs???

    Don't confuse "inch-lbs" and "foot-lbs." There is no oil pan on the planet that needs 105 foot-pounds of torque, and precious few bolts on any part of a Jeep as far as that goes. The criss-crosss pattern of tightening the bolts down is more important with any gasketed join. 105 inch-pounds is...
  16. Duster

    Blind-spot monitor for 2017 jku

    Definitely. I do this too.
  17. Duster

    Engine Code P0128 2017 JK

    The "gotcha" is that with OEM, you are (theoretically) getting a part spec'd to your vehicle and motor. With OTC or mail order there's always and element of chance. You have your vehicle torn apart, the part arrives, and it is not what you needed. This can happen even with OEM, but with OEM...
  18. Duster

    How do I fix a Leaky roof seal and drenched rugs

    Just as precaution, have them remove and re-seat the panels. If they've already done it, then there is other good advice here already posted. The floors have removable plugs that will allow water to drain from the cabin. Carpet is trickier. You might watch this. It's old, but it helped me...
  19. Duster

    Sup guys

    Good day to you, and welcome. Out here in California, we're watching the next storm move in. Winds here in the valley might even gust up to 60. Gale warning. Trees are still down from the last one so things are interesting.
  20. Duster

    Gps not opening

    "I'm pretty sure Garmin knows about this, they are not fools." They do have some problems with customer service though. And, now that they are nearly the only player on the block for handhelds, they are also getting expensive.