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    What did you do to your JK today?

    I'm a rural mail carrier and often found myself struggling to open doors while holding a mail tray or tote with both hands, so I converted all five handles from thumb-button-push to one-finger-pull style. I ordered two 3-handle kits from Amazon for $80 each. A 5-handle kit went for $160, so...
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    JK stutters and shakes when using 4WD in deep snow

    Your rims are probably packed with snow, making your wheels extremely out of balance.
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    Illinois Wanna Trade Your OEM Spare Tire Bracket for Something Bigger?

    I just bought a RHD 2018 JKU. The OEM spare tire bracket is gone, but it came with a loose spare and a never-used aftermarket bracket NIB (the brake light stalk is there, but no hinge reinforcement ($152 at Quadratec), just like the box says). I use my Jeep commercially (USPS, obviously!) and...
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    What's This Doohickey?

    I tried that. The "Trail Ready" badges popped off.
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    Does anyone know of a good guide for pulling my 3.8 engine for a rebuild?

    Pulling engines isn't that complicated if you take your time and get yourself the right equipment. I recently swapped my wife's Liberty engine. I found the best tool for that job wasn't the Harbor Freight/Pittsburgh engine hoist (shoulda gotten the larger one) or the load leveler. It was the...
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    What's This Doohickey?

    I just Googled "2018 JK ambient temperature sensor" images and it looks completely different, but thanks for the help. As for location, it's a short pigtail off that large wiring harness. Is there anything similar on the left side of the engine in a normal LHD JK?
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    What's This Doohickey?

    I just purchased a 2018 factory RHD JKU. As you can imagine, the locations of many things are switched under the hood. Where the electrical distribution panel is usually located on the right is an open space. I found something that doesn't look right in that space. It looks broken. Can anyone...