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  1. TROY66/68

    What did you do to your JK today?

    Once in the 70s we headed out to a late fall bush party ( fashionable here back then) had my chums draw straws for the trunk passenger in my dad's Bel Air. It started to snow see, and we needed extra weight in the back with the 24 of Molsen Canadian, EH. Good Times.
  2. TROY66/68

    Fuel fill pipe

    Would not here if we still had E testing, that is the gas caps job.
  3. TROY66/68

    New to the Wrangler world and the forum with questions about the 3.8

    When I was a kid nobody had Mopeds. But we used hockey cards to make a Clack Adee sound on our banana bikes. Foot Note, Some of those cards are probably worth a small fortune now. All Good
  4. TROY66/68

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Way too much Home Brew and football on your Thanksgiving, I prefer it to our Canadian Thanksgiving. Do not have to deal with family.
  5. TROY66/68

    What did you do to your JK today?

    I have seen a lot of spare tire deletes, nobody worries about be in the thick of it with no spare? I like my spare on the back cause it gives me more traction in the snow. My Jk is my first 4x4 (really only 4X3). Back in the day we always had bags of sand in the back of our pickups and RWD cars...
  6. TROY66/68

    Post-inspection: Should I buy this second-hand Wrangler?

    I was going for pedantic, but yesterday was too much Home Brew and NFL. I have spell check on this, it should have caught it. Still, I have never seen this word used until this forum. Not even with E A POE and his stories I need an English, French and Latin dictionary. LOL.
  7. TROY66/68

    Post-inspection: Should I buy this second-hand Wrangler?

    Well, I thought I was well read (poverty, recession, University, recession, College, recession) my local Library was always free. So this word D Dog posts PENDANTIC. I have to get my dictionaries out. Learn something almost everyday. I racked my life history, and do not think I ever encountered...
  8. TROY66/68

    2013 Hardtop Issue

    I have posted this before. All my drain plugs are pulled, and the only time it does not rain inside is when it is snowing outside. 12 yrs and counting, Dealership could not fix the issues when I was under warranty. All Good.
  9. TROY66/68

    Post-inspection: Should I buy this second-hand Wrangler?

    Well this I Know for sure. My JK is Primo fun in the snow and slop. I almost made my Ma sick to her stomach on the way to her eye Doc. LOL
  10. TROY66/68

    How to insulate your Jeep Wrangler JK hardtop

    Every winter for the last 11yrs I Bitch at my missed opportunity to insulate my cockpit when it drops to -30C. All Good.
  11. TROY66/68

    Running with no Battery?

    Welcome. I went to UNB for Engineering in the late 70s early 80s. Met a lot of friends from NS (Yarmouth to Glace Bay). Did a bit of deer hunting Northeast of Bridgewater back in the day. Good Times.
  12. TROY66/68

    What did you do to your JK today?

    More stuff in your cockpit then that old Cessna 150 I flew in the 80s. LOL
  13. TROY66/68

    Anyone have any experience with Crosswind tires?

    Mine is a 2010 and I can only partially disable the traction control with the console switch. So I pull out J6 to do rear wheel drive doughnuts and drifting. More squalls tonight, nothing like Buffalo NY, EEE Gads
  14. TROY66/68

    Anyone have any experience with Crosswind tires?

    I love my LT Goodyear Wrangler Territories, for winter fun here. Got that J6 fuse pulled (always). 70s driving in Muskoka.
  15. TROY66/68

    Chirp Goes Away Pushing Clutch Pedal

    I went with ACT HD clutch kit, and new flywheel. I do not think I could have got a Centerforce at the time. I pilot hard through the gears, no problems. Going out shortly for doughnuts and snow drifting like that new Jeep commercial out now in Canada. Good Times
  16. TROY66/68

    Missed a deer yesterday, but not by much

    Back in the 70s and 80s we were not allowed to keep game meat we hit with our rides. MNR ??? It is not like anybody was going to destroy their front end for Venison and Moose. Hitting deer AH, but hitting Moose many have died up here in the past before the big SUV and Truck craze.
  17. TROY66/68

    What did you do to your JK today?

    Just had a delivery of cosmetic parts in my feeble attempt to compete with my Forum members. iArmor AL step rails ( will help my Ma and wife get in and out again), body armor corner guards, gas cap cover thingy (seen them here on your JKs), and some Canadian flag decals. Now if it would only...
  18. TROY66/68

    What did you do to your JK today?

    Got lucky, My Stern calipers went at 20k. Jeep crap.
  19. TROY66/68

    Vancouver Island

    Speartip is your man for info about the Island.
  20. TROY66/68

    Phoenix Gold active subwoofer

    My dog would not like that. He still does like me charging the Winchester 1897.