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  1. TROY66/68

    It has been some time

    Covid. And my parents . Will update my Avatar. Chris.
  2. TROY66/68

    This is not political

    I read to much History.
  3. TROY66/68

    Filling up

    What the heck. Did they not rectify the fuel filling problem ( ICV) by the time of my production year 2010. My Evap system is functioning properly, no codes, and my vent lines are all clear. Made sure of it banging my head under the JK when the weather was warm. Now I can only trickle gas in...
  4. TROY66/68

    Starter replacement suggestions

    Going to replace my starter before it fails (preventive maintenance). Mopar no longer available in North America, dealership pointed me towards after market. Was looking at a new, not refurbished Ac Dellco 3371141 from RockAuto. Any thoughts. NapaCan starters are insanely priced here, and I have...
  5. TROY66/68

    How many older model JKs out there that had a leak in their heater core?

    Curious how many older model JKs out there that had a leak in their core? I heard this could be a weak OEM part. Winter is coming, and I just want to be prepared to cut the original one out ( the fast You Tube way, not the $$$ insane dealership route ). In the Aircraft industry we would replace...
  6. TROY66/68


    Two frosts now, below -2C. The sugar maples are turning red now like my radiator protector.
  7. TROY66/68

    B&M Sport Shifter

    Ya, it is Saturday night. And you young kids are all out having fun (stay safe). Me, I am having a Home Brew, at home of all places. ( I digress) Has anybody put one of these B&M Shifters in their JK. I think it would marry with my ACT HD performance clutch. Pic of my ACT last yr, outstanding...
  8. TROY66/68


    Still navigating this forum. Was looking for the intro section? Well, hello out there planet JK.