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  1. kk2010jk

    Wind for rolled down side window

    Does anyone have a solution to side wind from rolled down side window? It comes straight in against my face and is so distracting. If anyone remembers Flock of Sea Gules, well that is what my hair looks like after a short drive. I was wondering if those side window deflectors work. Its a 2 door...
  2. kk2010jk

    Driver side front brake sticking

    Seems to happen when car sits for a few days. So I used 'C' clamp to move piston in and it took some effort, more than I was expecting. Moved it out with brake peddle. Caliper centering pins work freely. I cleaned up the pad slides. Drove it around a couple days and then feel rim for heat...
  3. kk2010jk

    Death wobble at 55 mph noticed brake dust driver front

    Out of no where I got the vibration around 55 mph. The only time since owning for a couple months. At hwy speeds 65 mph no wobble. When I got home I noticed a dirty front drivers rim. All the rims had been washed and cleaned a few days prior so it stuck out. I also noticed earlier that day that...
  4. kk2010jk

    New JK from central NJ

    New member from Central NJ. Bought a 2010 JK manual about a month ago. Mainly bought as a fun second car and to be a TOAD to my RV. Yes the 3.8 is underpowered, I felt it the first time I drove. My 2 first projects are to set up to be flat towed and a soft top. Bought with hard top but no soft...