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  1. MacGuyver

    How far down do you run your tires?

    I just run the same tires all year around as the size I'm using don't come in winter variant and they do fine. Plus i have no desire to have a set of tires sitting around my property, and I'm not going to pay somebody to store them. 5th wheel usage is your call. My post was entirely my...
  2. MacGuyver

    Popping out of first gear

    I've got over 190K on mine, with me doing about 30k of that. Have you changed the tranny fluid? That would be the first thing I would do. Come to thing of it, I should probably check to see if I did that on this one since I bought it.
  3. MacGuyver

    Highbeams Always On

    Use a pick / small flathead screw driver and just switch the clips on the included connection, no reason to cut anything. probably anyway. Also yes. 100% adjust your lights after install, these are not aimed in the same place as the factory lights. don't be that Jeeper.
  4. MacGuyver

    How far down do you run your tires?

    Start incorporating the spare in your tire rotation. Obviously you can't with that one, but if you get that exact tire again then do it. If you don't get that exact tire, then get 5 so you can. This isn't a typical vehicle. That heavy spare you drag all over the place should be a working...
  5. MacGuyver

    Popping out of first gear

    I have a 2009 and it does this on very rare occasion. Scare me to death every time. How often is sometimes? I can go a couple months between incidents.
  6. MacGuyver

    Highbeams Always On

    sounds to me like you have a ground in the wrong place. I have a pair like this and I had to do a bit of splicing etc to get the halo working, but the light itself was connected directly to the factory harness. So that is the first thing you do is pull the light and disconnect the extra...
  7. MacGuyver

    Aftermarket Headunit

    Best advice is to go to crutchfield and follow those parameters. Their ordering process includes a checklist of what the head unit you order is capable of doing. Just put in your vehicle info and follow the guide. Check the options you want. This will get you down to perhaps a handful of...
  8. MacGuyver

    What is a good 2.5 lift that doesn't break the bank?

    I'm referencing the pic of my jeep I posted earlier. Here is the kit that is installed.Teraflex 2.5 lift I did not buy it straight from Teraflex and I don't remember what I paid, $650 or $700 come to mind, but not sure. I did the install myself, so that reduces the cost quite a bit. Jack...
  9. MacGuyver

    What is a good 2.5 lift that doesn't break the bank?

    The one you see above is the Teraflex spring kit with 9500 shocks. No adjustable control arms or track bar. Some day I'll get a new track bar, but it is only about 1/2 inch off middle.
  10. MacGuyver

    2015 Manual Transmission JK Instrument Panel Not Illuminating

    Thank you for the in depth information and pictures. JKs have a built in dash panel self test. I'll link a video to show the procedure it's super simple. My first question is does the dimming function works for the interior lights? I agree that the CPU there looks a bit rough and the dirty...
  11. MacGuyver

    What is a good 2.5 lift that doesn't break the bank?

    Here is my 2009 with 17x 9 wheels and 285 70 17s faulken wildpeak. I would go with KO2s but my buddy doesn't carry them, and I'll stick with my second choice in tires for the luxury of dealing with somebody I trust implicitly.
  12. MacGuyver

    What is a good 2.5 lift that doesn't break the bank?

    Doesn't matter, change the speedometer if you change tire size. You won't notice it as much with a smaller change in size however, this also affects the shift points. ALWAYS change speedometer for automatic. If manual, it's just good form so you know how fast you are going and how many miles you...
  13. MacGuyver

    Just bought 2010 wrangler w lift n 35”

    While rough country isn't as nice as the more expensive ones it is not inherently going to drive horrible. However, a poorly installed kit will be. that looks to be a 3.5 inch at a minimum, maybe 4.5 or more. 3.5 is where you start needed to change the geometry of the suspension system. As...
  14. MacGuyver

    Jeep running rough after it warms up

    I bring this up because you made a comment that implies you never fixed the speedometer after bigger tires. Just and annoyance if this is a manual, but if you have been running an automatic without fixing the speedometer that is more than an annoyance. Wranglers use the speedometer to determine...
  15. MacGuyver

    Help finding half door replacement windows

    JK Half doors are rare enough that not many hear have much experience with them. I'm not surprised that the only place you can find anything is Mopar for that reason. If you want to ditch the half-doors there are probably folks that would trade one to one, might even find the same color, though...
  16. MacGuyver

    My first Wrangler: What sort of things do I need to be aware of?

    my guess would be you are thinking of checking transmission fluid (oil) levels. Unless there is some new design for how oil is moved about in an engine, checking the oil when it has pooled into it's home of the oil pan is how manufacturers design the hash marks on the dipstick. Also, yes. The...
  17. MacGuyver

    What coolant does everyone use

    I'm all in on the universal. There is no point in not using it, and if a single other person touches your jeeps coolant you introduce the possibility of clogging the system if the wrong one is introduced. The fact that the two major coolant types will turn into jelly if mixed sounds like...
  18. MacGuyver

    JL wheels/ tires fit JK

    It's going to be close. I've got that size on my jeep, but with aftermarket wheels. I'm pretty sure they are too wide to fit on with the stock wheels. Others can chime in. I know the JL Rubicons come with the ability to manage bigger tires out of the factory, I'm unsure if that has anything...
  19. MacGuyver

    Right front turn signal low voltage

    Ok, original post was me miss-reading the question. Actual answer: Flashlight and engine bay time. Could be mouse damage that is causing a short. Easiest solution would be in the signal housing connections. Clean these up and make sure there is no water or junk. Check that the battery...
  20. MacGuyver

    Soft Top or Not?

    I'm in western Wisconsin and I put my soft top on as soon as I'm able come spring and wait as long as I can in the fall. That being said, the convertible nature of the Wrangler is one of the big draws for me and I would take my hard top off all the time which is a huge pain in the ass. Just...