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  1. Jim D

    Pulling on wet roads

    My jeep is on 33's and no sway bar. When it rains I have a severe pull one way or the other. I know it's normal for it to pull, but it's major. I see jeeps with same size or bigger tires with little to no pull. Any thoughts. Thank you for any info
  2. Jim D

    Recommendations on clutch replacement

    I want to replace my clutch and fly wheel on 08 JK but there are so many different variations. Any recommendations?
  3. Jim D

    Is driveshaft play normal?

    I went jeep'n last weekend, had lots of fun. Had no time for inspection afterwards. Today i noticed play in my front driveshaft. Up and down side to side. Okay is at the differential. Is that the bearing? I had no play before that im aware of
  4. Jim D

    Georgia Looking for good trails in Georgia

    Just got my o 08 jk first of may. Wanted one forever. I only know of a couple of trails. Looking for some good ones i GA.
  5. Jim D

    Front driveshaft play

    I have a 2008 JK and have play in the front driveshaft. I would like to know how much is okay if any at all? There is no clunk sound when loaded