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  1. theRealCrazy

    Little quick one one 2N08

  2. theRealCrazy

    Installed Cascadia 4x4 solar system and i love it

    It was a bit pricey, but I loved the concept and the fact it gives me 100W of solar without losing real estate with acc up to 10A and trickle charge the battery as well. Overall install is really straight forward, just need time to properly mark and measure. I drove at 80ish mph in the desert...
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    Battery not holding charge, dead?

    Yesterday morning car barely started , checked the voltage and it was under 10.0v oO... engine starting goes back up to 13.7v... I thought, because I changed the HU that I might have a faulty ground somewhere, so I decided to remove and unplug the whole HU... I charged the battery again and...
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    Well I did it

    So i know how much hate across forums and YT this head unit has. But i decided to go ahead and try it myself, bein android savvy! ordered the latest and greatest from Seicane.. running Android 10 with 4Go of ram on board. it shipped to my door in less than 2 weeks by DHL. Having the Alpine amp...
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    His And Hers

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    Finally my Gobi rack

    after 32 weeks of waiting, the rack finally came in, took about 5 hours with my friend and I to mount, really happy with the quality but some hardware felt cheap and I had to replace some of them.. (nothing structural, but the ladders mounts for example).. Also installed the CVT side awning...
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    It's the little things

    Wanted to share this milestone with you guys. Next one 222222!!
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    Alabama Hills & Cerro Gordo Inyo CA

    3 days, 2 nights of offroading and sight seeing with wife, dog & friends! some aerial drone shots some Dash cam action and on our way back we saw an overturned vehicle, fortunately the cab was empty and windshield kicked out, with no blood present. We reported the GPS...
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    Off-roading checklist

    Chris, feel free to move it in another section if it makes more sense! I just finished my offroading/camping checklist, and i thought it might be useful to some of you. I literally just printed it and laminated it, leave it in the car and right before taking off i go through it to be sure i...
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    Front Runner Drop Down Tailgate Table

    I just installed it this morning, beside the instructions being wrong on where to drill, I'm really happy with it. Hold up to 80lbs, will be good for little breaks with beers and PB&Js while offroading!
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    Installed my new Warn Evo 10s

    installation was painful as I was by myself but totally worth it! Really tight squeeze with the vaccum pump but I didn't have to relocate it, just added some washers.
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    Last weekend Holcomb, CA

  13. theRealCrazy

    Memorial day trails and couple questions

    Hi all, I went with 2 other rigs this weekend (2018 JLU 2.5" lift on 35 and 2019 JLUR 2,5" lift on 37). I have a stock 2012 jkur with less than 1k miles on Ko2s. we did quite some trails/camped over nights and then we did White mountain trail near big bear, ca 3N17 75% of the trail was...
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    New front bumper, cant wait for the winch

    Realized I might have to relocate the vacuum pump to fit it... so that's probably going to be my next quarantine mod!
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    2012 JKUR

    I'm not going to do like I did on my TJ, I'm going to try and keep it as stock as possible as long as it performs on the trails I'm taking. However after I got it, did a full fluids flush. Wired a rear camera on the 430N and used Jscan to allow it. Also installed a dashcam rear view...
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    Off-roading setup for my dashboard

    Thought I would share! Magnetic mount with old Samsung tablet running GPX viewer pro, and Baofeng uv5r mounted on the "oh sh*t handle" I share the setup with my TJ, so I like to have everything clean and neat but fully removable. Feel free to share yours!
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    Bluetooth pairing trouble

    Hi all! I got a 2012 JKUR with I think is the 430N, when I try to pair any phones using the horrible uConnect vocal commands, the system fails everytime after setting up my pin. I can see the previous owner set up 2 phones successfully though.. Any idea what I can do? .... beside upgrading to...
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    Couple of days after getting my used jkur, I went with my group offroading and camping overnight next to the salton sea. Red rock canyon and Bradshaw trails. And then I did a while flush, oil differential transmission and transfer case... Loved it.
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    New member from Los Angeles, CA

    Joined my 1998 TJ 4.0 and my wife's 2016 KL Trailhawk! Can't wait to learn from all of you!