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  1. Just Adam

    JK Door Harness Replacement

    Right!?! Thanks!
  2. Just Adam

    JK Door Harness Replacement

    Congrats! Trust me when I say, I know how you feel about an issue taking so long and not logical to fix. My son's JK (yes, we have 3 in the family - his is the 2014 on the right, daughter's in the middle) had a transmission issue which turned out to be just a transmission computer...
  3. Just Adam

    JK Door Harness Replacement

    On the EOM radio you can change that time to zero. I can't think of a good reason why you would want it to stay on but some programmer thought it was :)
  4. Just Adam

    JK Door Harness Replacement

    No lights are on being disconnected - radio, dome, etc... Both my daughter and myself leave the connector disconnected (I've got a JKU and she's got a JK) b/c we take our doors off regularly (a few months a year - we're in southern California which is nice a lot). The dome light turns on only...
  5. Just Adam

    JK Door Harness Replacement

    Yikes! Good luck in finding the issue. Hopefully it is just the connector. To be honest, I haven't connected my door for about 3 years so I'm going on memory only....
  6. Just Adam

    Is anyone into HAM radio?

    There's a good app on Android - looks very old-school but it has all of the questions for the test (and answers). Search for HAM test prep - the icon is a yellow diamond-ish
  7. Just Adam

    Has anyone put a light bar in place of a winch on an AEV front bumper?

    I put my LED on top (mine is the jeep in front). I used two of the bolts for the bumper. I put a hitch through the front where the winch would normally go so I can slide in my plate-mounted winch. Usually I have my Jeep logo push plate in the hitch.
  8. Just Adam

    New Jeep owner here

    Join a local off-road club. They'll help you get into the thick of it.
  9. Just Adam

    New Jeep Owner

    Nice! I went with a hitch in the front (and back) and a plate-mounted winch. TBH, every time I've brought my winch, I haven't used it. What about some lift?
  10. Just Adam

    New Jeep Owner

    What are you plans with it? Off road or.... if so, looks like it's due for some lift...Bestop makes some decent tops. My daughter has one (mine is the OEM one) and when you take the windows off, it looks like a bikini top which is nice with the doors off. The tint is way too dark though....
  11. Just Adam

    First Time Jeep Owner Here's My Mods

    Makes a difference that's for sure. What's next?
  12. Just Adam

    Noob here, looking for tire size suggestions no lift

    I agree with Oscar-Mike, you have either a smoother, easier drive or go bigger and you have to start concentrating, drive with both hands, watch the road...But the most important thing is how it looks so go big (?). :)
  13. Just Adam

    JK Door Harness Replacement

    doesn't sound like this is the fix (maybe) but the radio has a setting to turn off the radio after X seconds of turning of the vehicle (can be from zero to 45 seconds I think). My daughter's jeep was set to 45 seconds when she bought it. I changed it to zero.
  14. Just Adam

    4 Wheel low got stuck in 2nd then limp mode

    Because we couldn't find this same issue anywhere, I figured I would let everyone know the issue and fix......This is kind of a long story but I'll try to be as quick as possible....We bought a Jeep (actually my son) from Carmax. During the test drive, I put it into 4W low, tried to switch to...
  15. Just Adam

    How to Install a Transmission Cooler on a Jeep Wrangler JK

    Have the same issue....will try this out! Thanks!