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  1. R0NAN_4x4

    Pro Comp Wheels

    I would recommend aftermarket lugs -specifically 6 or 7 spline- they tend to be thinner and fit better inside aftermarket wheels, plus the splines require a special key socket to take off so they act as a sort of lock for your lugs. They do make taking your tires off a bit more of a chore though...
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    2012 JK dies at stop, then stays in neutral upon restarting

    Hey it's really late to respond probably but if someone else finds this thread with the same problem maybe this will help... I had the same problem on my old Cadillac, It ended up being a bad crank position sensor. After a little bit of research it doesn't seem to bad to fix on wranglers- here's...
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    Florida Rotopax 2 gallon fuel containers brand new $40

    Hey rick! I was actually looking into getting a couple tanks, do you have an email that I can send you my info to get some?
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    The Rezvani Tank

    Am I the only one who thinks it looks like a battle-hardened FJ?
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    Looking to find and buy my old jeep back

    lol Having some seller's remorse?
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    Jeep made a loud noise like something getting stuck in fan and now it won't start

    Did the lube place do any other work while it was there? You may want to check around and make sure nothing got dropped in (tools, screws, etc.) weird shit happens, so it's possible that a foreign object got stuck somewhere it wasn't supposed to.
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    Now here's a deal

    You could buy a new hellcat and wrangler for that price 😬
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    What can I do do with my Jeep on an extreme budget?

    My advice for jeeping on a budget: don't get tempted by cheap stuff! You really shouldn't skimp on most things, so make a dream list and save for it. Stock jeeps can do a lot more than you think so don't be afraid to get out there before you mod! You can also find a ton of sources of what to buy...
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    1 of 1 custom JK: Would you buy it?

    I almost had a stroke looking at that battery:oops::ROFLMAO:
  10. R0NAN_4x4

    Lift kit with stock wheels and 32” tire

    As far as backspacing/offset problems go, just make sure you get the right rims and you shouldn't have problems :)
  11. R0NAN_4x4

    Lift kit with stock wheels and 32” tire

    A 3" lift is plenty for 35's, and if you had shaved fenders you could fit 36's or maybe even cram 37's if you're feeling frisky (wouldn't recommend lol) The only rubbing you'll have with 35's is if you still have the stock skid plate on the front.
  12. R0NAN_4x4

    Lift kit with stock wheels and 32” tire

    As long as your lift kit contains all the suspension components you'll need, you'll be okay to run stock rims and tires. It'll just look goofy and I'd recommend bigger tires ASAP. Side note: make sure you don't skimp on suspension, lift kits can start a chain reaction of mods that never ends...