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  1. Chris

    Hi from Cary, NC

    Very cool! That's a beautiful archtop in your avatar image.
  2. Chris

    Best lift under $1,500?

    Yes, that's why I tell most people that in real world measurements, a 37" is actually a 35", and a 35" is actually a 33". Or close to it at least! There are some exceptions. Coopers for one are known to be pretty true to size, and it sounds like Toyo might be as well.
  3. Chris

    P0128 code

    It sounds like you may have a cracked head / block. Either that or possibly a head gasket that is going bad.
  4. Chris

    Best lift under $1,500?

    Sounds like my BFG KO2s. BFG claims they measure 34.4". However, I measured them with 35 psi, brand spankin' new (I measured the spare while it was mounted on the tailgate) and it measured at 33.3" exactly. Over an inch smaller than BFG claims! Talk about depressing.
  5. Chris

    Clutch issue

    Is that the way it's supposed to be? Mine is an auto, so excuse the ignorance. It's been over a decade since I did a clutch job.
  6. Chris

    P0304, misfire, and rough idle

    So there's no more codes being thrown, but a rough idle? When you drive it, does it run fine other than the rough idle?
  7. Chris

    Steering wheel wobble

    No problem at all, I had a feeling that's what it was (99% of the time, it is tire related). Thanks for the update as well!
  8. Chris

    How can I get Uconnect on a 2008 Wrangler JKU?

    It's not as simple as swapping in the head unit, as I believe the wiring harnesses and other things are different. However, I would skip it altogether. Uconnect in the JKs is absolute garbage IMHO. Get an aftermarket head unit that does Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.
  9. Chris

    Hi from Cary, NC

    Great looking JK, welcome to the forum! Are you a guitar player? I'm a guitar player myself, I'm quite addicted to it!
  10. Chris

    Looking for seat options to save my back

    Is it the seat itself that's bothering you, or a rough ride?
  11. Chris

    Greetings from Florida!

    Welcome to the forum!
  12. Chris

    What is the best site for wheel / tire packages?

    X2 to this. Also, Northridge 4x4 has some excellent wheel-and-tire packages, as does Quadratec.
  13. Chris

    Clutch issue

    Did you pump bleed the slave before you put it in? Your throwout bearing could be installed backwards. Also, if the yoke has not engaged the pivot it will behave this way. My friend did his clutch on his JK a couple of weeks ago, it was a PITA he said getting the yoke to stay on. The retaining...
  14. Chris

    Oil Life Sensor?

    You can't calibrate it to my knowledge. Oil is oil though, full synthetic isn't going to make this engine run any better or worse. I don't even pay attention to the oil life thing. I just change my oil every 6k miles and have done that on every car I've ever owned most of my life.
  15. Chris

    Oil Life Sensor?

    It's not a single sensor. The PCM uses an algorithm that determines a variety of factors in regards to how you drive. Engine temp, stop-and-go, RPM, etc. It uses all these variables to determine when it thinks you should change the oil.
  16. Chris

    Vibration when accelerating

    Is it stock height or lifted? It could be a driveline vibration, though more than likely it's a vibration coming from a wheel / tire that isn't perfectly balanced.
  17. Chris

    Cruise Control Issue

    No problem! Yep, it's likely either your wheel speed sensor(s), or the steering wheel / alignment (or both). Report back if you figure it out.
  18. Chris

    Cruise Control Issue

    Either your steering wheel is off center, a bad wheel speed sensor(s), or your tire pressure is off. It's either one of those, or several.
  19. Chris

    Best lift under $1,500?

    Looks great! Are those true 37s?
  20. Chris

    Rough Idle

    No problem, report back with your findings!